MaisonBrison was very responsive to various crisis management issues, which included plant fires and strikes. Their understanding of our Company and of regulatory issues was critical.

Greg Yull, President and CEO
Intertape Polymer Group

Crisis Management

In numerous instances of crisis and pre-crisis, MaisonBrison has helped companies mitigate the effects of unforeseen events that can threaten or directly impact your reputation and brand.

Total transparency is key to establishing trust. MaisonBrison trains companies to speak through a single voice that consistently updates shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the media with all information related to the resolution of the crisis.

Social media represent key channels for urgent communication. Accordingly, MaisonBrison designs procedures to be proactive with key messaging and to monitor and react, when necessary, to activity on all digital platforms.

Often the most critical function in crisis management is to draw upon a protocol devised before negative events occur. MaisonBrison helps companies foresee potential sources of harm to the integrity of their brand, and offers the means to deal with them.